Changing Communities a Book at a time.

What we Do

We nurture a love for reading by, making books available and easily accessible through our community, library partnership with schools through our reading clubs, individuals and other persons who love reading as much as we do.

Because reading should never be boring, we ensure we have lots of fun activities to accompany your childrens love for books, be it a bit of crazy craft to reading adventures in the wild.

We believe adults should lead by example. Therefore we have a whole world of reading set up for them that involves everything from books to awesome book club discussions and activities .

Book of the day.

The Hand of Fatima 1564, Granada. The Moors have unsuccessfully tried to rise up against their Christian oppressors and the town has been painted with the blood of their victims. Hernando, a young Arab with a Christian father, is despised by the townsfolk and by his...

The Snow

This is how the world ends: with a single snowflake. After a tragic accident at work, all Grady Miller wanted was an escape, and he finds it with two of his closest friends. Together, the three of them travel south to Prism Lake for the upcoming holiday, where they...

Tall Dark & Obnoxious

Tall Dark & Obnoxious: A Moreno Brother's short (Moreno Brothers) If you’ve read Romero, then you’ll definitely remember Pat as the snobby, judgemental and opinionated older sister of Isabel. Pat is the only one of Elizabeth’s heroines I feared disliking. However,...

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