Changing communities a book at a time.


To inspire a reading culture by making it fun interactive and creative.


Every story has a beginning……. in the year 2010,
INSPIRE started as a tiny library space sharing a bedroom in the home of the founder Emily. It had one shelf and about 200 hundred books. The inspiration to start was an attempted break in that landed almost landed the young offenders into the library part of the house. Immediately we thought, what if we could offer these children a different way of seeing the world? What if we invite them to get knowledge, to open doors and windows into unexplored worlds?
Access to fun books to read can be a challenge to Many Kenyan households. Most people never give priority to reading for leisure and instead hammer the idea of reading to pass into the minds of their children. Most people seem to stare at books and see paper instead of ideas. Yet those ideas hold genuine power to improve lives. According to Mahatma Gandhi: “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them”. We needed to change that and urgently. Our thoughts were more solidified when a report was published by Uwezo that stated that most children in standard eight cannot read or write. So we began INSPIRE
However, too many kids were coming around we became too many to fit in the small space and over the years we have had to move. In the middle of 2018, we finally had to take a shop rental property that also opens to the public and allows adults and older youth to walk in and read a book or carry out any other library activities.
So far we have worked with more than 10 schools in our immediate community, to introduce reading as a fun, exciting activity through library lessons and school book clubs. We have also helped libraries start and donated over 6000 books. Every year we also make a point of donating books to individual children because we believe that a child who reads will be an adult who thinks and a nation that reads, is a nation that leads. It’s a nation that feeds, its societal needs.