Our Programs:


The INSPIRE SOMA Family Reading Program seeks to address the following aims
• To make reading a habit for children
• To recast reading as exciting and pleasurable
• To make reading accessible for the entire community
• To encourage parents and families to make reading with their children a fact of daily life and home – and to recognize it as a great way of spending quality time together.


The Inspire Soma program.

The INSPIRE SOMA program aims to create a community of readers and knowledge-seekers across our community, by making it easier to access books. We target all age groups and all demographics residing in our community. It is our belief that reading leads to discovery, exchange, exploration, and transformation. Reading is also a springboard for change and growth.
Equipping our community with the habit of reading creates a pool of knowledge, broad and open mindsets, positive values, and a desire to make learning a constant of daily life. Through the INSPIRE SOMA family reading program, INSPIRE aims to develop and heighten a love of reading on a community wide level irregardless of where you are, in a truly inclusive, engaging, and relevant way. Our goal is to make people throughout our community, regardless of age, culture, and background, aware of just how important reading is to our lives and societies, the value and joy it can bring us, and how it can take us on a journey of knowledge that leads to new interests, ideas, and ways of seeing the world.

Grow your mind.

Feed you and your child’s curiosity and imagination by – Registering to become a member of the INSPIRE library – subscribing to our monthly book subscription program. The Family Reading Program curates and selects two books each month for children between the ages of 3-18, and one book for an adult and delivers them straight to your home or location where you are at. The books we send out are uniquely tailored to your child’s age, interests, and preferences. In addition, each month has a special theme, and the books are complemented by activity sheets and much more via electronic means. Either through WhatsApp or email. With all children reading the same theme, we create a network for children of all ages to gather as a community through shared interests and experiences.